How to Apply

Please note: The awards application works best in these browsers:

  1. Chrome, Version 58 and above. Visit this link to download Chrome.
  2. Firefox, Version 53 and above. Visit this link to download Firefox.

If you wish to register for the award competition and submit nominations, please follow these steps:

  1. Access the online application tool by the link;
  2. You will need to register as an applicant in order to be able to apply for the award. Please click on the REGISTER button at the top of the page and enter your full name and ‘work’ email address. You will be emailed an activation link at the official email address, you have provided at registration stage, to activate your account. Please click the link sent to you to activate your account. Note: only MB group provided official email addresses will be accepted for registration. No personal or any other form of email addresses are allowed by the CAE application at the time of registration.
  3. Once you have successfully registered into the application, next, you can log in to the system using the credentials you have set at the time of registration; (your use name will be the email address you have provided at the time of registration, and the password will be the password you set). Once successfully logged-in, Click on the ‘Go to Dashboard’ button to proceed to Nomination creation area. Note, first time when you confirm email received from the application, it will automatically log you in. Once logged in, Click on the ‘Go to Dashboard’ button to proceed to Applicant Dashboard section to file Nominations.
  4. Click on “Nomination” link on top left corner of the application page and select ‘New CAE Nomination’ option to submit your application. You can click on the ‘Save button’ to save your incomplete nomination as DRAFT and return to fill out or edit the application template before finally clicking on the ‘SUBMIT’ button. Once the submit button is clicked, the application moves to the next level .i.e. Company CAE Champion level.
  5. A user Manual can be accessed from: .Just click the link, it will take you to the folder where from user manual can be accessed /downloaded.


Application Guidelines

  • Nominations can be made by a single employee or a team. All nominated employees must have a direct involvement in the project or initiative nominated.
  • A project can be nominated in 1 category only.
  • Initiatives and projects that were completed or implemented from January 2017 onwards will be eligible for nomination.
  • Use provided online app to make your nomination.
  • Adhere to the amount of text / details required.
  • Adherence to the set timelines.
  • Use simple and plain English in describing your project. Make the financial figures for saving or other types of financial impact very clear and always state the currency.