This page contains the details of 2017, CAE #1 cycle.  This includes the CAE winners and the list of all nominations with following details:

  • Project leader name
  • Contact details
  • Company
  • Project Title & Synopses


2017 CAE Award Winners

Videos of the finalist CAE projects

KOLLER – Compact Electric Drive for Wireline Winches

DALEEL – Geo-Steering in Block-5 Field

DALEEL – Multiphase Flow Metering in Block-5 Field

DALEEL – Enhanced Well Design & Optimization Block 5

TURQUOISE – Floating Dock Construction

TURQUOISE – Hydro-Pneumatic Launching System

Practical Application for CAE Scheme

To benefit from relevant good ideas contained in the projects nominations, when you have a new business requirement:

  • Visit CAE web page, the tile ‘2017 Nominations & Awards’ , under subtitle ‘2017 Projects Synopses’ to see if any of the proposed ideas could provide a solution to your business requirement.
  • Contact the project owner if you need any clarifications or answers.
  • Pay attention to patent, copyrights & legal considerations.
  • If you end up using or benefiting from the idea, share feedback with the project leaders and the CAE Manager.


2017  Project Synopsis

Note: To view the project synopses (summary), please click the link 2017 Project Synopsis then download the list to excel to be able to view the full synopses text.